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Many people credit the success and popularity of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to the Gracie family. In 1994, Rorion Gracie brought Brazilian jiu-jitsu (Gracie jiu-jitsu) to the attention of the world by starting the UFC. He wanted to prove once and for all that his family's system was essential in learning how to be successful when engaged in combat. They intentionally used Royce Gracie, who was the smallest fighter, to prove that you didn't have to be the biggest or strongest person to win a fight. Weighing only 170 lbs, Royce won 4 fights in a single night to become the first ever UFC champion, submitting all of his opponents. If you're looking to learn self defense and you don't know how to defend yourself on the ground, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF!

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Fundamentals BJJ

At NJMA Delran we make sure every student starts out on the right foot, that's why we offer our fundamentals bjj program.  In this program you will learn the basics of Gracie jiu-jitsu self defense techniques as well as the fundamental positions, submissions, sweeps, and takedowns to get you on your way to becoming a proficient grappler. Our instructors take the time to explain in detail how to execute each move and why we use each position or submission, with a constant emphasis on defending yourself at all times. The fundamentals program is also great for the experienced student who wants to brush up on the basics. Whether you're a business professional looking for a new hobby and a great workout or a competitive athlete looking to nail down those basics, our fundamentals program is the program for you.

Mixed Level BJJ

Our mixed level program offers higher level techniques, more detailed breakdown of situations that occur in sport bjj, with an emphasis on live training. Now that you've learned the basics in our fundamentals program, lets put those techniques and concepts to the test in live training situations! At NJMA Delran we do not force our students to compete, however we do have many amateur and professional grapplers training on the mats, so this class requires at least a basic understanding of jiu-jitsu. We do our very best to stress the importance of training hard, but being smart. We offer both gi and no gi classes in order to round out your experience as a grappler. Our sport jiu-jitsu team is one of the most highly decorated teams in the area. Come train with us today!

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Very proud of the kids team for placing

One of the best parts about our academy is the culture and atmosphere we provide. We have a large kids team ranging in ages from 4-14 years old. Your child's age, size, and experience level will determine the classes they are taking. In our kids program, the bulk of our efforts are focused on expanding each child's confidence while helping them become the best version of themselves. Not every student has the same goals and no 2 students are the same, which is why we do our best to cater to the individual student. Your child will not be forced to compete at NJMA, but we suggest it in order to maximize your child's overall experience with BJJ. We have one of the area's best kids competition teams and have won numerous individual and team titles. Contact us today to get your child started!

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